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Making healthy eating accessible & exciting !

A plate of honey mustard chicken salad with fresh greens and cherry tomatoes


A plate of grilled chicken and roasted cauliflower



Our mission is to provide high quality, fresh and healthy nutritious food that is tasty at an affordable price, easily accessible as you would get fast food. We want our customers to feel good and energized after eating our foods and always come back for more. Our foods will be made with whole food ingredients that are diverse to give the customer a balanced nutritious meal. 

The Goal of Yummy-N-Fresh is to create a business model that is scalable, branded & will improve the way people view healthy eating in Kigali and across Africa.


Fresh Juices

Strawberry smothies


A mouthwatering cheesy chicken sandwich on toasted bread


A plate of grilled chicken and roasted cauliflower

warm, healthy bowls

Delivery options

You can make your order here on our website, WhatsApp Catalog on +250785160237, once we receive your order it will be delivered in an hour. 

You can also order our food through VubaVuba follow this link to make your order. 

You can subscribe to our monthly package where we deliver lunch to you from Monday to Friday.